May 17th 2022 Meeting

Gary Hirshberg, known for being CEO of Stonyfield Yogurt, started the company with co-founder Samuel Kayman of Cornish. He was invited to speak on NH issues and announced that he and his wife have created the Blue Green Fund which will invest in down-ballot candidates to close the gap in the Senate, flip the House and win three Executive Council seats. His fund will focus on canvassing, training and direct mail. He has met with Town Mayors around the State who are dismayed with the State’s shifting the financail burdens to the Towns.
The goal for the fund is one million. He and his wife have contributed a third ($360K) to this fund. The goal for this investment is to win 215 seats in the House, support three known candidates to close the gap in the Senate, and support three known Democrats for the Executive Council. Filing for these seats begins June 1.
Gary feels the most effective way to get out the vote is door-to-door canvassing. The message best for Democrats is: reproduction services, public education, support working families, and climate change. Focus on local issues.
When asked about how Business feels about policy issues, Gary stated that they are obsessed with hiring and lack of workforce. Policies should include affordable housing, child care and education.
Blue Green Fund g
Family Friendly Action PAC
114 N. Main St. Suite 20, Concord, NH 03301
Suzanne Prentiss, State Senator also spoke and agreed that the focus should be on House candidates. She reported that the Parental Bill of Rights died for this year and that there will be $250,000 for Agricultural Fairs.

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