April 19th 2022 Meeting

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Tom Sherman, State Senator for District 24, announced his run for Governor in March, 2022.   His reason for running is to correct the course of this legislature and Governor. Money taken from public schools and redirected to private schools, the State vs. Women, the Divisive Concept is not the New Hampshire Way. Benefit and Pension Funds for State employees no longer provided by the State has raised property taxes, but created a surplus in State budget which Gov. Sununu turned over to business. Federal funds not being used for mental health and affordable housing, the opiate crisis (400 dead this past year).  He welcomes civil rights protection to help immigrants enter the workforce, and he’s very conserned about environmental bills that were not passed by the Republican Majority. The Free State movement has taken us off track. He wants to take back our state. He understands that he needs more statewide name recognition and is committed to traveling and meeting voters. His campaign website is www.drtomsherman.com

DISCUSSION/DATES: NHDP Convention, June 18. The 2022 State wide Primary Election will be September 13. November 8 is the General Election. Dr. William Palmer will be running to replace Lee Oxenham – the Base District. We currently do not have a Democratic candidate for the Floterial District of Charlestown, Cornish, Plainfield, Unity and Newport.   

As a committee, in 2022 we agreed to do visibility at the polls, count ballots, send out postcards to democrats and undeclared ($300 – $400), organize a Meet the Candidate night ($75 to rent Town Hall) and other Meet and Greet events.

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